2019 AHR Expo to Showcase the Latest in HVACR Innovation, Products and Technologies

| October 2, 2018

The 2019 AHR Expo will preview the future of the HVACR industry with exhibitors from around the globe coming together to showcase new and upgraded products, technologies and innovations. The Show, held January 14-16,

2019 at The Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, is the industry’s best place to gain insight into what’s coming in the year ahead. To register, please visit the AHR Expo registration website.

“Each year the industry comes together under one roof to display the very latest tools and technologies that enable HVACR professionals to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the industry,” said Clay Stevens, manager of AHR Expo.

Exhibitors will be displaying new solutions that serve every kind of HVACR function ranging from highly efficient equipment and components to whole building management systems including building automation and control technologies that connect and communicate via the Internet of Things (IoT), time-saving tools and instruments that require less time at the job site, and a myriad of products and solutions that support the efficiency evolution. Attendees are encouraged to utilize the searchable directory of exhibitors and product categories prior to Show attendance for more information on each exhibitor showcase. Show visitors can look forward to seeing the very latest HVACR products available on the market today, including:

  • IAQ (indoor air quality) diagnostic instruments that guide HVAC professionals through the entire measurement process for more accurate true reads and more timely detection of air quality issues —designed to eliminate guesswork, improve sales and enhance IAQ expertise across the industry
  • An evacuation hose delivering a conductance speed of 16 CFM at 1,000 microns, resulting in vacuum speeds up to 80x faster than standard ¼” I.D. hoses and up to 6x faster than other vacuum-rated hoses
  • A software application that supports HVAC professionals via a downloadable iOS and Android mobile app that can be used to create on-site customer reports and is inclusive of graphical data and airflow ‘grades’ based on the simple input of nameplate information and two static pressure values
  • A water-cooled centrifugal chiller that supports low Global Warming Potential (GWP) via improvements in compression and integration of variable speed technologies—specifically designed to meet customer demand, lower energy costs and reduce environmental impact
  • A fabric air duct system that improves end air dispersion, designed to replace traditional ductwork, insulation, diffusers and air valves with more even airflow that results in better energy efficiency, lowered operation costs, as well as easy installation and product maintenance
  • An industry-first press tool—designed specifically for residential installations—that improves press speeds up to 40% and delivers force optimized PEX installations for less job site downtime caused by calibration intervals
  • A water security system designed for leak monitoring and detection that can be configured to manage whole-house protection, or installed to monitor specific appliances—alerts are managed via SMS texts based on sensitive sensor detection capabilities
  • An internet-enabled wireless thermometer that uploads and stores temperature readings on the cloud and has the ability to send automatic alerts for extreme low or high readings directly to the user’s phone or tablet, and can store up to 12 months of data for efficiency evaluations throughout the year This is only a small sampling of the many innovations that will be displayed on the Show floor at the 2019 AHR Expo. Attendees are also invited to sit in on free exhibitor presentations and demonstrations of product launches in the New Product & Technology Theaters. For further information and to register, visit ahrexpo.com.

For more information, visit ahrexpo.com and follow @ahrexpo on Twitter.

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