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| December 17, 2015


FastDUCT® is ready-to-go HVAC estimating software designed to meet the needs of commercial and industrial sheet metal contractors who need a fast and accurate tool to estimate construction costs. FastDUCT has the capability to calculate takeoffs of rectangular, round, and oval ductwork, sheet metal, and HVAC equipment. Specs can be customized to match your company’s standards for duct construction; or can be set up for purchased duct. Our Microsoft Excel reports can interface with FastPIPE to create a spreadsheet for both pipe and duct.

Some of the key features of the FastDUCT estimating program include:

  • Large Master Catalog FastDUCT has the largest, most complete HVAC estimating catalog with over 250,000 items. We’ve included data for rectangular, round, and oval duct and fittings, accessories, hangers, and specialties (and we continually add new data based on our customer’s needs). We even have HVAC products from manufactures such as Ductmate, Thermaflex, Metalbestos, Certainteed, and many others. Our catalog provides up-to-date pricing and industry-standard SMACNA labor rates for each of the items in our catalog, allowing you to build estimates fast and accurately.
  • Customizable Specs FastDUCT is shipped pre-loaded with Specs, which can be customized for each duct system within a job. Specs allow for sheet metal raw materials, duct liner, joints, stiffeners, tie-rods, duct accessories and hangers to be automatically generated as you takeoff duct and fittings.
  • Job Templates Need to speed up takeoff even faster? FastDUCT allows you to use existing jobs as templates for new jobs. For instance, if you’ve done work at a local school, just re-use that job for future projects… all of your previous setup and configuration will be ready-to-go.
  • Convert Rectangular to Round Need alternate pricing for round duct? Simply select a group of rectangular takeoffs and convert them to round with a few clicks of the mouse. We perform validation of all the conversions to insure accurate results.
  • Point & Click Takeoffs Takeoffs are fast with FastDUCT. To takeoff an item, you simply select the size and appropriate Duct, Fitting, Hanger, or Specialty item. After entering the quantity, the item is automatically added to the takeoff list in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. And your hand never has to leave the mouse! Easily toggle between Rectangular, Round, and Oval menus.
  • On-Screen Digitizer Interface Perform takeoffs directly from digital plans on your computer screen, reducing the time and costs of printing and manually marking paper copies. The On-Screen Digitizer takeoff software supports a wide variety of popular CAD Drawing formats including Windows Bitmap, Dodge Plans, PDF, JPEG, TIF, GIF, AutoCAD® DXF, PNG Images, and many others.
  • Plan Overlay Overlay addendums and other plan changes during takeoff to quickly identify what new project requirements and reduce the chances of estimating errors
  • Easy-to-Read Reports FastDUCT calculates pounds, square feet, material costs, shop and field labor hours in seconds with a single click. Material adjustments and job factors can be applied directly to the report.
  • Spreadsheet Interface Download labor and material takeoff to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet for your final bid summary. Our standard spreadsheet includes equipment, fixtures, labor rates, rentals, taxes, and many other job related costs. FastDUCT supports both line item and bundled pricing options. You can even customize this spreadsheet to meet your business needs!
  • Export Modules Need to integrate your cost estimating system with the back-office operations? FastDUCT has the solution. Using our export modules, you can output your estimates in several formats, including Excel, CSV and industry standard XML.
  • Cloud-Based Updates FastDUCT software and catalog pricing is kept up-to-date automatically over the cloud. You are automatically notified when updates are available and you can install at your convenience.

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