Airzone Unit Presents Individualized Heating and Cooling in Each Zone

| June 20, 2016

Airzone is a modulating damper system that can be used for heating and cooling multiple zones.

Innovation, Value, and Market Impact
Airzone is one of Mits air’s newest inventions in comfort as it has revolutionized the heating and air conditioning industry. It allows for the ambient temperature to be regulated in different zones by adjusting the airflow according to the current needs of each of the zones to be heated or cooled. As zones open or close based on temperature, the fans speed up or slow down automatically to provide the proper airflow per zone while eliminating noise and the need for a bypass damper.

You can have from 2 zones up to 10 zones. When there is a call for heating or cooling the fans will adjust their speed accordingly to how many zones are calling. The dampers will adjust and close when the demand for heating or cooling is lower and the fans will adjust and open when the demand for heating or cooling is higher. You may also have a setting in each zone for ventilation air if desired.

AThere is a constant pressure regulator which automatically adapts the air flow according to the needs of each of the zones being heated or cooled. This allows for increased comfort by the user as the regulator adjusts for the different temperatures within each zone.

Another major feature of the unit is the option for wired and wireless thermostats. Damper 1 has a wired thermostat and dampers 2 through 10 can have wired or wireless thermostats.

The unit has outstanding thermal and acoustic comfort which increases energy savings while providing ultimate comfort.

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