Bacharach Implements 24-Hour Priority Instrument Calibration and Servicing

| January 30, 2017

New Kensington, PA – Bacharach, Inc., a leading manufacturer of refrigerant gas detection and combustion analyzers is implementing an enhanced 24 hour priority calibration and repair service option out of their New Kensington, PA location, to build upon the company’s current service support capabilities.

“The main driver for this enhanced turn-around service is to keep our instruments in the hands of the technicians who rely on them for their work. Being able to obtain quick and easy expedited service through Bacharach’s professional certified repair and servicing center offers our customers reliable expert support when they need it most.” said Doug Keeports, President of Bacharach, Inc.

Bacharach is continuing to offer its long standing repair and service on its full range of HVAC-R instrumentation, with a standard turn-around of 4 – 5 business days. When expedited 24-Hour Priority Service is required, customers just need to complete a service request form on the Bacharach website, which also includes a convenient pricing guide for all standard service offerings and associated costs.

In addition to this new service program, the company also offers the BSMART® pre-calibrated sensor program, where Bacharach sends pre-calibrated sensors directly to the customer on a planned schedule basis. This program enables the customer to install pre-calibrated sensors in the field, without the need for returning the instrument for sensor replacement and calibration at the end of sensor life.

Bacharach’s mission for their customers is to make a Measurable Difference for their business everyday through new ideas and technologies. Additional information can be found at Bacharach’s website or on Twitter and LinkedIn.

BacharachMedia Contact: Shelli Cosmides
Tel + 1 724-334-5012

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