Benefits of JG ProLock Fittings

| November 27, 2017
  1. ProLock Group ShotAesthetics
    JG ProLock’s sleek design gives your plumbing a modern look and feel. The profile of ProLock fittings are slimmer than others and appear less bulky on the pipe, allowing your plumbing work to look neat and clean.
  2. Long-term Reliability
    Hard water, which has a high concentration of dissolved minerals, causes a buildup and can reduce the 
    efficiency of water pipes. Plastic fittings eliminate scale build up, meaning your fittings and pipes will last much longer than traditional methods.
  3. Helpful in Tight Spaces
    A lot of the time, plumbers have to work in tight spaces. If a plumber can’t see what they’re doing, this creates the possibility of an improper connection resulting in plumbing disasters later on. With JG ProLock’s innovative technology, you can feel that your fitting is securely on the pipe and know it isn’t going anywhere.
  4. Saves on Installation Time
    JG ProLock push-to-connect fittings allow for 40% faster installation time when compared to traditional methods. Visit to learn more about the innovative technology.

John Guest JG ProLock

About John Guest USA 

John Guest has been on the cutting edge of the polymer fitting industry for over 50 years. Its polymer fittings and filtration technology are used by many reputable brands worldwide. For more information about John Guest, visit For more about ProLock, including a free sample coupler, visit

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