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The new range of WEH® TW111 compact series for refrigerant filling
Small – Compact – Handy

The WEH® TW111 refrigerant filling connectors, with their distinctive blue and red coloring, have been a longstanding proven tool for servicing refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The TW111 is now available with a reduced outside diameter of only 25 mm – smaller and more compact than ever and therefore easier to handle in tight spaces with difficult accessibilities.

The new versions of WEH® TW111 have an outer diameter of only 25 mm and are available with central media inlet as well as with a 90° media inlet. The major outstanding properties are the integrated shut-off valve, standard 1/4” SAE connection and red or blue colored grip sleeve for high or low pressure.

One of the main benefits, however, is the positive impact on the environment.

Freon is a CFC that damages the ozone layer. It is widely used in the air conditioning systems. Any time a refrigeration unit is serviced, refrigerants escape to the environment, thus resulting in a loss of refrigerants of 16 to per year, which contribute to the global warming of the earth‘s atmosphere.

The WEH® TW111 is cutting this loss of refrigerants when disconnected by more than 90 percent. The special feature of this easy-to-operate connector is the fact that the refrigerant does not have to be retained by an additional operating valve, but automatically remains in the filling tube. Thus ensuring that independent

of the operator‘s qualification, the escape of refrigerant from the tube will be minimized.

Additionally, the WEH® TW111 enables remarkable time and money savings compared to traditional hand tightened connectors. The TW111 just needs to be placed onto the receptacle, the grip sleeve pushed forward and filling starts – it doesn’t get any easier!

WEH offers a complete range of products for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, including a large variety of quick connectors for testing cooling and refrigerant systems as well as for filling and evacuation of air conditioning units and heating systems. All products are certified to ISO 9001 standards and subjected to extensive tests in WEH‘s own test laboratory. Interested to learn more? Then please contact WEH Technologies Inc. USA under cesar.salazar@weh.us or visit our website www.weh.us mentioning promo code: HPACr07 for a special discount.

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WEH Technologies Inc

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