Indeck designs, manufactures and rents a wide array of boilers. All Indeck package boilers are designed to include robust tube and membrane furnace front along with rear and side wall construction to prolong boiler life and significantly reduce maintenance. They meet ultra-low emission standards while firing fuels such as gas, oil or a gas/oil combination. Indeck boilers are available for emergencies, scheduled outages, or increased capacity requirements. Indeck also supplies mobile steam systems, trailer designed watertube boilers and emergency deaerators. In addition, Indeck provides aftermarket parts and services: fans, burner, trim, UL listed controls for burner, combustion management and feedwater control, stacks, valves and emission reduction equipment. Buy or rent boilers 150hp to 250,000 pph direct from Indeck.
Proco Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and supply of expansion joints for piping/ducting systems. For over 30 years, Proco has prided themselves on offering the most complete line of products to suit a variety of applications. Some of these products include rubber and molded PTFE expansion joints, braided flexible hose assemblies and low torque sealing gaskets.
The original, patented ScaleWatcher® electronic water conditioner the intelligent alternative for hard water treatment in your home or business. ScaleWatcher reduces water and energy bills, Extends the life of water using appliances, Increases mean time before failure of capital equipment, there’s no plant shutdown necessary for installation, non invasive, and it has life span over twenty years.
WEH Technologies Inc
The new range of WEH® TW111 compact series for refrigerant filling Small – Compact – Handy The WEH® TW111 refrigerant filling connectors, with their distinctive blue and red coloring, have been a longstanding proven tool for servicing refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
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