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Our company was founded in 1898 in Boston, Massachusetts, by Mr. R. T. Miller, Jr., as American Technical Society (ATS) to publish instructional materials to be used by the American School of Correspondence, which was founded by Mr. Miller in 1897. Mr. Miller founded these companies based on the belief that all Americans should have the opportunity to receive a high school diploma and learn the job skills required to prepare them for the working world.
Roll Formed Metal Channels, Framing, Housings, Special Shapes, Profiles, Reinforcements, Stiffeners, Mouldings, Wireways, Round Duct Clamp Rings & Fliter Clamp Rings and more. Made to order. All Metals plain and Prefinished. 5,000ft min order.
PowerMate® / L P International Inc.
PowerMate® Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Trucks do 100% of the lifting for you, virtually eliminating the risk of back injury while reducing the effort to move heavy, awkward loads by more than 87%! Items which require 2 or 3 men to move conventionally can be moved by one man using a PowerMate®.
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