Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. is a leading manufacturer of gas detectors and indoor air quality monitors for a wide variety of applications include commercial HVAC, institutional, municipal and light industrial markets worldwide. Many applications are for vehicle exhaust, but areas of specialization include refrigeration plants, commercial swimming pools, water treatment plants, ice arenas, wineries, airports, hotels, fish farms, battery charging rooms, landfill sites, food processing plants, and more.
Diversified Pure Chem
The leading full-service refrigerant reclamation company in North America, providing a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class refrigerant products, buyback programs, carbon offsets, and specialty processing services to meet the evolving needs of the contractor and industrial markets.
General Plastics has the economical alternative to rust prone sheet metal and fiberboard fittings. Our duct work is air tight and water tight and either meet or exceed most construction codes.
WEH Technologies Inc
The new range of WEH® TW111 compact series for refrigerant filling Small – Compact – Handy The WEH® TW111 refrigerant filling connectors, with their distinctive blue and red coloring, have been a longstanding proven tool for servicing refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
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