Campus Cooling With Ice Storage Puts a Freeze on Utility Costs!

| March 17, 2014

Baltimore, MD (March 4th, 2014) – Ice thermal storage systems provide a sustainable alternative to traditional cooling systems. Plus, it can be up to 35% more efficient than traditional cooling systems for many universities, colleges and corporate campuses.

Most campuses already take advantage of the operating cost savings inherent in more energy efficient water-cooled systems. Ice thermal storage systems can be used in conjunction with watercooled systems to further reduce the total cost of ownership and the dependency on the electrical grid during peak operating hours. Ice thermal storage is the process of using a cooling tower and chiller to build ice on coils during off-peak hours. The ice is then melted to provide cooling during peak periods. Ice thermal storage installations have been growing in the US and helping save energy and conserve natural resources.

For example, the University of Maryland (UMD) utilizes 8,900 ton hours of ice storage to shave off 1 MW of electric demand. According to John Vucci, Associate Director of HVAC Systems, the University saves approximately $70,000 a year by participating in a demand response program. Other campus projects that incorporate ice thermal storage to cut peak electric demand and reduce operating costs include NOVA Southeastern University, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, and George Mason University.

Storing energy as ice during off-peak hours allows the system to take advantage of cleaner and more efficient energy sources. Ice thermal storage lowers peak demand, offsetting the need to build new power plants, and helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions. According to John Nix, Senior Engineer for Florida Power and Light, ice thermal energy storage has helped Florida Power and Light (FPL) avoid building 13 power plants in the past 20 years.

As a green technology, an ice thermal storage system can also help a building qualify for a number of LEED® credits in the following areas: Energy Performance, Refrigerant Management, Acoustic Performance, and Demand Response.


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