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| November 2, 2016

We’ve got your covered for everything, including specialty processing, a wide variety of refrigerants, and the best buyback program in the nation.

What makes us unique?

Everyone says they’re unique, but we are – really. Thousands of HVACR professionals turn to us for their refrigerant needs because we offer these distinct advantages.

Largest Contractor-Focused Certified Reclaimer:

Thousands of HVAC contractors choose DPC because we offer high buyback rates and a no-hassle, no-surprises buyback program. Our slogan, “Get more than you expect when you reclaim direct,” is based on the fact that DPC is authorized to reclaim recovered refrigerants. We’re not the middleman; we buy directly from the market while offering a high level of integrity and customer service.

Leading Provider of Specialty Processing Services:

Some of the world’s largest companies rely on our processing capabilities for their manufacturing needs. These services run the gamut – from cleaning recovered refrigerants to fractionating gases that achieve unmatched levels of purity. DPC also offers the industry’s most diverse custom blending service, which entails a broad spectrum of refrigerant and purity options to accurately meet precise customer requirements.

Award-Winning Offset Project Developer:

As one of the nation’s largest carbon offset project operators, we administer the destruction of ozone depleting substances (ODS), such as R-12, to create carbon offset credits and participate in cap-and-trade programs. As a result, we purchase a diverse range of gases. Since 2010, DPC has generated more than one million carbon offset credits and we were named a 2014 “Project Developer of the Year” by the Climate Action Reserve, the premier carbon offset registry for the North American carbon market.diversified-pure-chem-specialty-processing

Specialty Processing

With industry-leading assets and expertise, we have the ability to process, blend, and fractionate the widest variety of refrigerants.

diversified-pure-chem-buybackRefrigerant Products

DPC sells a variety of refrigerants, including R-22 and R-410A. We offer volume discounts and free shipping.

Buyback Programs

As a leading EPA-certified reclaimer/recovery company, we buy direct; there’s no middleman. We offer high buyback rates on R-22 and other refrigerants.

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