Cooney Freeze Block by Coilmaster Corporation

| July 5, 2015

Freeze damage is the leading cause of premature coil failure in the HVAC industry.  

If the condensate is not properly drained from the coil, freezing air temperatures may cause the liquid to begin to freeze and expand.  When that change of state occurs, the pressure begins to climb rapidly within the tubes.  Without adequate room for expansion, this pressure builds to a level that the tubes can no longer bear, which results in bulging and splitting of the tubing.  In this event, you can expect costly downtime, loss of building heat, expensive equipment repair or replacement along with the potential for additional system damage.

The Cooney Freeze Block by Coilmaster Corporation is designed to allow expansion to occur without restriction by discharging a small volume of water to drain, therefore giving the ice room enough to form within the tubes of HVAC steam coils without causing damage.

Cooney Freeze Block Cooney Freeze Block

Reliability and security are the backbone of HVAC system planning.  This new technology will assist customers in minimizing the risk of potential coil failures and related system damage.

Customers currently using this proven technology span many industries such as hospital, universities, food and pharmaceutical plants, public and private transit, casinos, hotels, manufacturing facilities, government office buildings and prisons.

For more information about this proven technology and a complete range of additional coil products please contact Coilmaster Corporation at 844-TN-COILS or

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