Copper Watcher

| September 14, 2015

COPPER THEFT: The Next Gold Rush
Factors to consider when selecting a theft-deterrent device for your customers.

Copper is a key component used in the manufacturing of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Despite its necessity, a thief can steal the copper coils or the entire A/C in a matter of minutes. In the past few years the industry has seen a huge shift in the way thieves are stealing the copper from A/C systems. A short time ago, thieves would only steal the copper coils. With regulations more stringent on scrap yards (from photographing of metal being scrapped and paying scrappers with checks instead of cash to only allowing scrap yards to accept scrap metal from licensed businesses), thieves are finding it easier to steal the entire system and then sell it on the underground market. Back when thieves would sell the copper coils for scrap, they would get $60 each. Now, taking that same unit out intact and selling it on the underground market could net them more than $1,100

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