Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

| September 6, 2018

The FCS Flexible Control System is a high performance controller with up to 128 gas channel configurations for monitoring hazardous gases in many applications. It accommodates up to 60 relays and includes data logging and complex zoning capabilities. The FCS accepts analog and/or digital inputs and offers Modbus® RS-485 output or BACnet® MS/TP output for communicating with a BAS.

PH: 1877-940-8741

The LPT-A-VLT gas detector provides continuous, real-time monitoring of ammonia levels in the vent lines of refrigeration systems. Mount on the relief stack above the pressure relief valve or outside on the relief header. Equipped with an internal alarm and a relay for activating a remote strobe or communicating with a control panel to activate or shut down equipment as required.

PH: 1877-940-8741

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