Featured Products from the October 2016 Issue

| September 8, 2016

LG Multi VAir Source Units Multi V IV Heat Recovery 460V

LG Multi V systems are designed to provide the owner the benefit of VRF – lower operational costs, minimal or no duct work to install, tenant comfort with individual zoning, high efficiency  – while maintaining architectural integrity. The latest generation, Multi V IV, includes many new features designed to enhance system operation.

LG Electronics

HotJet II® Sewer & Drain Line JetterHotJet II® Sewer & Drain Line Jetter

The HotJetII® is a best selling hot and cold water drain line cleaner featuring a 35HP Vanguard engine by Toyota and delivering 10GPM @ 4000 PSI that cleans drains up to 300’ and 12” in diameter. Priced at $32,995 including freight to the lower 48 states, the HotJet II® is American made using non-proprietary parts for affordability and ease in serviceability making its return on investment truly impressive. Financing available.

HotJet USA

Plaster L-Bead Bar Grilles

Think Coco! – the original product that others are using to learn from. We have always included all the features that make it the best solution available, including:

  • Coco L-Bead Bar GrilleThe Patented Product that Created the New Industry Standard
  • Designed by Our Engineers with the Installers Feedback
  • Proven on the Most Demanding and Exclusive Projects
  • Can be used for Bar Grilles and Perforated Grilles
  • Proudly Extruded & Fabricated in the USA
  • Veteran Owned Business

Coco Architectural Grilles & Metalcraft
The Real Advanced Architectural Grilles
631-482-9449 | www.cocometalcraft.com

KM Facility algae-guardAlgae Guard Controlled Release Condensate Drip Pan Micro-Biocide

Contains high performance cleaning agents to help stop dirt and slime from settling on surfaces. Overflows due to pan surface slime build up and resulting plugged drains are reduced or completely eliminated. Predictable, continuous performance over 99% effective. EPA Registered and Guaranteed to Satisfy!

KM Facility Services, LLC

Magnepull Qbit SQ1000-SThe New QBit Cut-In Saw

This unique saw blade is designed to run on all major brand Oscillating multi tools utilizing a patent pending oscilflex technology, allowing technicians to cut exact rectangular holes, necessary for the installation of retrofit boxes. The blade can penetrate drywall in seconds creating a dimensionally perfect rectangular hole with minimal dust.


Airzone-ImageAirzone Terminal unit for heating and cooling multiple zones

Airzone is a zoning system specially designed for fan coils. As dampers open or close the fan speed will adjust accordingly. A key element is the communications gateway. It is a device that manages the communication between the zoning system and fan coil units which increases comfort and energy savings.



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