General Filters Proudly Unveils the New GeneralAire® Touch Screen & Wi-Fi Controlled Dehumidifiers at the 2018 AHR Expo

| February 13, 2018

General Filters is pleased to introduce two new residential whole-house digital, touch-screen, Wi Fi-controlled dehumidifiers:  The GeneralAire® DH75 and the DH100.

Designed by General Filters’ engineering team and manufactured in Novi, MI, the new dehumidifier models feature:

  • Nicely-angled digital, touch-screen control, easily viewed from the top or side
  • Wi-Fi Control with the GeneralAire® Wi-Fi APP
  • Low-temperature shut off (shuts down compressor in cold temperatures)
  • Fan-only function (allows for air circulation in the space even when there is no call for dehumidification)
  • Compact design / footprint (ideal for tight spaces, such as a basement, attic, or crawl space)
  • Integrated handles (for easy installation)
  • Filter change reminder
  • Quick release doors (for easy filter change)
  • Adjustable feet
  • Safety grate
  • MERV 11 filter
  • Industry-first AFCI power cord
  • Quiet operation
  • Installation flexibility (Incorporate into a home’s duct system or as a stand-alone unit)
  • Optional duct collar kits
  • Hanging harness kit

The units are smaller and lighter than General Filter’s present line, and include integrated carrying handles to make installation in tight spaces easier.

Lead engineer Ming Ge reports:  “With the current IOT’s, we’re also excited to say that the unit can be monitored and controlled by almost anywhere with the available APP and Wi-Fi!  The “GeneralAire Wi-Fi APP” can be downloaded at Google Play or Apple’s APP Store so that the user no longer has to crawl under a house, up into an attic or even the basement to monitor and change settings.  The unit can also be controlled with a remote dehumidistat should the home owner prefer.”  The units are compatible with 2.4 GHz.

The control displays the temperature, humidity, humidity set point, function status, and filter hours that indicate when the MERV 11 filter needs replacing.  And, both units include the latest electrical safety requirements: the AFCI power cord.

These units have been designed for crawl spaces, encapsulated environments, attics, basements in both residential and light commercial settings.  They perform well in grow room environments and other enclosures or domiciles requiring humidity regulation.

The DH75 & DH100 perform admirably in unison with whole-house air conditioning units. Operating at a fraction of an air conditioner power draw, the GeneralAire® dehumidifiers will pull enough moisture out of the air so the homeowner can set the air conditioner unit to a higher temperature.   Experience reduced energy costs and an extended air conditioner life cycle while also enjoying dryer, cooler air!

General AireLearn more at: or by calling (866) 476-5101.

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