Have You Prepared For The Heat With COOL-Space?

| June 15, 2015

Cool-Space by KM Facility Services, LLCSummer has not quite arrived but unfortunately, the heat has in many parts of the states. As a business owner, maybe you have not discovered the essential and easy solution for cool, fresh air that is portable and affordable? If so, have you prepared for the heat with COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling systems?

Have you discovered that you need cool, fresh air in a work garage, animal shelter, manufacturing warehouse or other difficult to cool-down area? Now, with COOL-SPACE™, the solution is as close as a garden hose and electric outlet. Our portable evaporative system can fit into any area easily. All that is needed is a water supply and access to electric. Why suffer under the sweltering heat while COOL-SPACE™ offers your workplace a retreat? COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling systems are great for car shops, outdoor tents, horse, hen houses and other livestock that need a cool place to stay or just about any area in need of a cool down! Because COOL-SPACE™ is portable, it’s easy to place in any area and hooks up in just minutes! No need for lengthy window installs and running extra electrical wiring for a simple evaporative water cooler hookup. COOL-SPACE™  can be working within a few minutes and provide fresh, clean, cool air when you need it the most.

For One, COOL-SPACE™ is no run of the mill evaporative system. It is a strategic cooling system that is manufactured differently from any other evaporative cooling system on the market today. Traditional evaporative cooling offers corrosion, rust, mold, and other elements that cause breakdown. Every COOL-SPACE™ product is UL, and ETL approved and designed to hold up. COOL-SPACE™ contains a tough, durable moulded polyethylene casing that will not breakdown under long use, water buildup or other issues that cause traditional systems to wear out easily.

Now is the time to order your COOL-SPACE™ evaporative cooling system before the heat becomes totally unbearable! Just call (623) 930-5490 today and start enjoying, fresh, clean cool air affordably!

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