Why Is Humidification Essential For Commercial Applications?

| October 11, 2016

Humidification in commercial applications provides a healthy atmosphere for building occupants, while protecting and preserving products and processes.

Properly controlled humidification in commercial buildings improves manufacturing processes, helps preserve building materials and furnishings, and enhances building occupant health and comfort. In short, any building housing people or things will benefit from proper humidification, and the cost to add humidification is easily offset by gains in processes, productivity, life of materials, and occupant satisfaction.

Reduce problems associated with static electricity

Static charges give shocks, attract dust to surfaces, and cause static cling in materials. Damage caused by static related issues is a serious concern in manufacturing and production environments. Adding humidity to the air dissipates static electricity. Maintaining RH levels within a range of 30 to 60 percent will significantly reduce problems associated with static electricity. The cost of poor quality and lost batches quickly outweighs the cost to add humidification.

Preserve materials and furnishings

Many building materials, finishes, and furnishings are hygroscopic – which means they absorb, retain, and release moisture. Low or fluctuating RH levels cause expensive damage to building interiors because as hygroscopic materials dry, they shrink. This can create gaps in wallpaper seams, floor boards, and furniture joints, and it can damage historic and artistic artifacts. Maintain a consistent RH level to keep the moisture content of hygroscopic materials in equilibrium with their surrounding environments.


Humidification – the process of adding moisture to the air – is one of the most important aspects of total indoor air quality.

Improve comfort

Also hygroscopic in nature, the human body gives up its moisture to dry air. As our body’s moisture migrates (evaporates) to areas of low RH, we become cooled, just as when we perspire. Raising the RH level in a room slows the evaporation rate and will make the room feel warmer. This allows for a lower dry-bulb temperature without a loss in comfort, offsetting humidification energy costs.

 Maintain a healthy environment

Keeping relative humidity (RH) levels within a range of 40 to 60 percent decreases bacteria and viruses in the air and hinders the development of fungi, mites, chemical interactions, and ozone production. The result is reduced illness and sick leave among building occupants.


In DriSteem electrode humidifiers, current flowing between the electrodes causes the water to boil, creating steam.


Affordable to buy and easy to install

The low up-front cost and easy installation of DriSteem’s XT Series electrode humidifiers make them one of the most affordable humidification systems to purchase and install.

Wide range of applications

DriSteem’s XT Series electrode humidifier provides humidification for a wide range of buildings, including health care, commercial, industrial, and government facilities.

Easy to maintain – just replace the cylinder

XT Series electrode humidifiers are easy to maintain. Just replace the steam cylinder when prompted. All water impurities and minerals remain in the cylinder, so replacement can be completed in minutes.


DriSteem electrode humidifiers require no cleaning. Just replace the steam cylinder when prompted.

At the end of the humidification season, the system drains automatically and remains in standby until the next humidification season, leaving all surfaces dry to prevent microbial growth.

Disperse steam into ductwork or open spaces

XT Series electrode humidifiers disperse steam into existing heating ducts using steam hose and a dispersion tube connected to the humidifier. Steam exits the dispersion tube without dripping or spitting, preventing condensate from collecting in the duct.

Alternatively, when there is not associated air-handling equipment, XT Series electrode humidifiers disperse steam into finished open space with a steam blower mounted remotely or on top of the humidifier.


For a limited time, DriSteem is offering a significant discount for first time buyers of XTP electrode humidifiers – contact your local DriSteem representative for more details or to place your order.

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