HZ GeoLogix®—A Logical Choice for Heating and Cooling

| November 9, 2015

Comfort-Aire’s HZ Series geothermal heat pumpSophisticated digital controllers make Comfort-Aire’s HZ Series geothermal heat pumps incredibly easy to install and operate. A two-way communication system displays performance/diagnostic data in plain English, while the intelligent gateway customizes operation for optimal efficiency and comfort. Variable speed flow technology adjusts water flow to current conditions, while an ECM programmable fan motor also adapts to system requirements

Available in 2 to 6 ton models, the two stage HZ Series is rated as high as 34.4 EER/5.5 COP (part load) and 26.4 EER/5.3 COP (full load) for a ground water installation. All models exceed industry standards for energy efficiency. As an added efficiency benefit, the unit includes a hot water generator that provides domestic hot water.

Key to the energy efficiency is a two stage scroll compressor, while a programmable ECM blower motor automatically adapts to system requirements for consistent delivery of conditioned air.

HZ units are among the quietest geothermal heat pumps on the market, thanks to an insulated air handling compartment and a double spring and grommet isolation compressor mounting system that dampens vibration. A flexible torsion motor mount reduces further vibration, while a discharge muffler reduces inherent compressor pulse noise.

Built into all models is a performance monitoring system that acts much like a vehicle’s “check engine” light. It signals a potential problem so service can be scheduled before a lockout occurs. A port for a separate diagnostic tool also is built into the unit to access the data if a communicating thermostat is not used.

Other features include a tin-plated air coil that protects against corrosion, prolonging equipment life in most environments while improving efficiency, an insulated stainless steel drain pan, and an easily changed, large filter than captures pollutants.

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