Inflatable Pipe Plugs

| April 21, 2016

Custom plugs and packers are available for almost any application. Let us quote on your requirements!

Petersen Products Inflatablepipeplug113 through 129 series Multi-Flex™ Inflatable Pipe Plugs and Packer Carriers For All pipe sizes and shapes

These Multi-Flex™ Plugs come in various configurations and pressure ratings. They are the most flexible plugs on the market with the greatest multi-size range. They conform to almost any pipe configuration and can fit through very confined spaces. As an example the 113 series 90” plug will deflate down to only 9”! The very small-deflated diameter and flexibility allows insertion and removal through a manhole or a live hot tap for plugging otherwise inaccessible pipelines.

The Multi-Flex™ Plug may be used in a pipe smaller than the maximum rated inflation diameter. Since a minimal inflation pressure with water, air or other inert gas will expand the plug to its full diameter, most of the pressure is available to seal and lock the plug in place. The Multi-Flex™ Plug will generally conform to almost any pipe configuration.  Because of the flexibility these plugs may not always make a perfect seal for testing especially in a pipe size smaller than the maximum. The Multi-Flex™ Plugs may be inflated with air, water, or nitrogen and are available with or without a flow-thru by-pass.

These Plugs may be customized for most pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements.

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