Is PowerMate® Right For You?

| September 7, 2017
  • Moving: Geothermals, Water Heaters, A/C’s, Boilers, Furnaces, Bathtubs, Drain Cleaners, up and down stairs, on and off vehicles?
  • Looking for cost effective ways to increase productivity and efficiency?
  • Are safety and image priorities for your organization?
  • Are you concerned about potentially expensive lost time injuries or
  • tired of paying unnecessary Worker’s Compensation costs?
  • Are you dealing with a reduction in staff? An aging workforce?
  • Are you interested in how PowerMate® can make more Profit for your company?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, there is a PowerMate® solution right for you!


Increase Safety

  • Independent research finds: PowerMate® requires 87% less effort for the operator than a conventional hand truck
  • Valuable tool as a piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Reduce injuries, lost work days and modified duty days
  • Lower Worker’s Compensation premiums – U.S. Department of Labor quotes: $29,000 as the average cost of a single lost time injury (direct & indirect costs).

Lower Labor Costs

  • Reduce labor costs by 50% or more (e.g. Use one person instead of two!)
  • Potential to eliminate the need for additional helpers on larger jobs
  • Eliminate curb side deliveries
  • Increase employee retention and satisfaction

Decrease Product Damage

  • Well-balanced – The operator has complete control at all times
  • Heavy duty nylon reinforced straps with cotton overlay & adjustable felt protected strap bars to secure the load in place

Decrease Property Damage

  • Non-marking, puncture proof wheels and full length bottom rubber guard
  • Reduce the risk of unnecessary and costly general liability claims
  • Designed not to come into contact with the nose of the stairs
  • Increase customer satisfaction – Create more repeat and referral business


  • Provide your customers with value-added delivery services at little or no cost
  • Ability to deal efficiently with peak seasonal demand periods
  • Best in class tool adds to “Red Carpet” image
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors


  • Low maintenance, top of the line battery ( 4-7 years life).
  • PowerMate® can pay for itself in months and lasts for years!
  • State of the art materials and construction including; NEW – Solid state circuitry. Just another example of how we deliver the lowest total cost of ownership – Reduces battery draw, extends equipment life and simplifies servicing.

PowerMate®: Strong, Dependable & Built to Last!

Click here to view our white paper to learn more about PoweMate®.

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