Manual S Online Calculator

| September 5, 2018

Elite Software’s Manual S Online Calculator is a web app that works on all smartphones, tablets, iPads, and computers with internet access. It performs ACCA Manual S HVAC equipment selection calculations and references over one million models of for all manufacturers listed with AHRI. The Online Calculator provides the ability to interpolate from expanded ratings data of HVAC equipment and creates a Manual S Report that certifies that all equipment has been selected per Manual S requirements.

HVAC equipment manufacturers provide their performance data in numerous different formats. The Manual S Online Calculator handles all the different manufacturer data formats and is flexible concerning what data items are analyzed. In the most complex case, performance adjustments are made for outdoor air dry bulb temperature, air flow CFM, entering dry bulb temperature, and entering wet bulb temperature.

Projects are saved in the cloud and can be imported and exported to Elite Software’s RHVAC desktop software. Full phone and email support is provided and the annual subscription price is only $49. Call 1-800-648-9523 or register for a free trial version at

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