Marketair Introduces EasyCheck, the HVAC Industry’s First Smart Inverter Phase Checker for Ductless A/C

| November 15, 2018

Marketair, Edison, N.J., a leading provider of HVAC/R installation and service accessories/tools, introduces EasyCheck, the North American HVAC industry’s first smart inverter phase checker that uses memory to diagnose inverter-driven malfunctions in mini-split and VRF/VRV air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The EasyCheck IPC-307 works with all minisplit and VRF/VRV brands of single or three-phase inverters and pinpoints the specific problems by measuring, recording and analyzing the inverter output sequences from the printed circuit board (PCB). It saves time, money and eliminates unnecessary compressor replacement, because instantly-recalled system sequencing test data from the EasyCheck’s unique memory feature can pinpoint whether only the PCB replacement is needed. If EasyCheck indicates inverter sequencing is operating properly through a PCB analysis with LED indicators and an audible confirmation, then the unit’s compressor may be the cause of operational failure.

The 4.7 (l) x 3,1 (w) x 1-inch (d) (37 x 7.8 x 2.5-cm) EasyCheck has a built-in magnet for temporarily attaching its 5.5-ounce (156-gram) casing to the air conditioner’s metal cabinet, which allows hands-free connection of its three shrouded clamps to the PCB contacts.

This is the first appearance of EasyCheck in North America, however it has been used widely throughout the Europe Union and carries EU safety directives for electromagnetic and low voltage safety compatibilities.

Other EasyCheck benefits are:

  • Avoids switching back and forth from ?? to ?? on a multimeter;
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Is powered by two AA batteries;
  • Extra bright LED readouts are easily viewed in sunlight;
  • Comes in an attractive displayable four-color cardboard package.

Marketair is the exclusive importer of EasyCheck, which is available direct or through most wholesale HVAC distributors throughout North America.

For more information, please visit:, call (732) 985-8226 or email:

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