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| February 9, 2017

Noark ProductsOur solutions help our customers address problems in their HVAC installations. We have an extensive offering of automation, motor, and connectivity products and the application experience to put together the best product solutions for our customers. The offering includes premium efficiency low voltage components that reduce installation space and lower energy consumption. Additionally NOARK offers solutions that connect the electrical system and provide protection for HVAC applications. From circuit-breakers, contactors, relays and switches to other specialized component devices and control solutions.

NOARK products are suitable for use in air handlers, chillers, heating and cooling, and refrigeration equipment, meeting all regulatory & safety, as well as industry specific standards. NOARK low voltage products are leveraged by global manufacturers worldwide, as well as panel builders and integrators who deliver the most efficient control design packages to the HVAC industry today.

The following are just a few of our HVAC-specific products:

MCCB – Molded Case Circuit Breakers

MCCB - NoarkNOARK Ex9M series molded-case circuit-breakers feature high performance level and smaller size, while being easy to install and able to provide improved safety guarantees for the operator. These products have been created with the most advanced design engineering tools.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers (M1-M4) NOARK Electric offers a complete range of 2 and 3 pole Molded Case Circuit Breakers in four frame sizes: M1 – 100 A, M2 – 225 A, M3 – 400 A and M4 – 600 A. Each frame size offers a range of interrupting voltage ratings from 240-690 Vac and 250-600 Vdc. The M series conforms to global standards that include UL 489, CSA C22.2 No. 5-02 and IEC 60947-2.

  • High-breaking capacity and a new patented arc extinguishing design
  • New patented technology reduces the manual operating force
  • High quality compact modular with energy saving and environmentally friendly design
  • Installation flexibility: Bus Bar Connection, Lug Line/Load Side Connection, Plug-In, Rear Connection and Draw-Out
  • Fixed and adjustable trip setting units
  • Wide range of accessories: Alarm Switch, Auxiliary Contact, Shunt and Under-Voltage Trip, Interlock, Rotary Handle and Motor Operator

MCCB Data Sheet | MCCB Info

DP Contactors

DP Contactor NoarkFeaturing HVAC technology standards, the latest range of NOARK’s Definite Purpose contactors establishes a new industry benchmark. The NOARK Ex9CK series DP Contactors range from 20-90AMP in 1 Pole, 2 Pole, and 3 Pole configuration, and features enclosed coil standard, and auxiliary contact options that allows for a much wide operating voltage and support. Coil voltage ranges 50/60Hz from 24 -600 Vac.

  • Rated current from 20~90 A
  • 1, 2, and 3 pole configurations
  • Enclosed coil standard for all 3 pole frame sizes
  • Open coil standard for all 1 and 2 pole frame sizes
  • Industry standard mounting plate provides easily accessible mounting holes
  • Connection terminal options, including screw or lug connections each with quick connect spades
  • Coil is Class B 266°F (130°C) insulation system with a wide range of voltages and 50/60Hz ratings
  • Double E magnet assembly provides optimal performance with reduced power consumption
  • Optional 1NO+1NC auxiliary contact block with 600 Vac rating available
  • Base assembly is made from high arc-resistant polyester

DP Contactor Data Sheet | DP Contactor Info

B1NQ Miniature Circuit Breaker

NOARK Electric releases UL 489 B1NQT BreakersNOARK Ex9B series Miniature Circuit breakers protect installations against overload and short-circuit, warranting reliability and safety for operations. The B1NQ series has been specifically designed for HVAC OEM applications, were space and economy need to be optimized. NOARK MCBs provide secondary circuit protection, or isolated subcomponent circuit breaker protection. NOARK B1NQ comes with q quick connect optional feature, and a variety of flexibly installation configurations.

The B1NQ is compliant with UL/CSA/IEC standards for branch circuit protection in commercial and residential applications. The current limiting B1NQ is thermal magnetic and protects against short circuit and overload conditions. The breaker provides optimum and efficient protection for branch and control circuits. Additional new options include front mount through door hardware and optional quick connect terminal plugs on load side.

  • Available in 1 and 2 poles
  • Rated current from 1~63 A
  • Available as surface, flush or DIN rail mounted
  • 1 pole and 2 pole breakers are UL Listed for use on 120/240 Vac single phase, three-wire electrical systems
  • Flexible terminals with less physical demand
  • Detachable shield makes it faster and easier for installer
  • Two terminal options: line side-box lug and load side- box lug and four points 1/4 inch insulated quick connector
  • Multiple accessories including: alarm switch, auxiliary contact, shunt trip, under-voltage trip and locking device
  • Designed & Manufactured Specifically For HVAC Applications

B1NQ Data Sheet | B1NQ MCB Info

To learn more about NOARK’s HVAC products, visit the B1NQ, MCCB or DP Contactor pages, or contact us.

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