Packaged Make-Up Air

| January 29, 2016

Electro Industries Packaged Make-up AirProviding Comfort Through Efficient Energy Solutions

  • Eliminate negative air pressure problems
  • Designed for residential & light commercial applications
  • Unique Multi-Speed Control interfaces with most types of exhaust fans
  • WarmFlo® element modulation
  • Set point control of discharge air temperature
  • Built-in damper
  • Permanent washable filter


Electro Industries’ Packaged Make-Up Air units are designed for today’s tighter homes where unhealthy negative pressure can be created by appliances such as kitchen vent hoods, fireplaces, dryers, gas furnaces, water heaters, bathroom exhaust fans or any appliance without sealed combustion.

These high efficiency units provide fresh air to keep the home or building at positive pressure, reducing backdrafting combustion gasses that could create a health risk.

International Residential Code (IRC) requires exhaust hood systems of 400 CFM and greater to have make-up air equal to the exhaust air and to automatically open and close with the operation of the fan.

Standard Features:

  • WarmFlo® Digital Proportional Temperature Control – utilizes full element modulation with solid state relay, inlet and outlet temperature sensors, to maintain precise user defined temperature set point
  • Integrated powered inlet damper
  • Aluminum mesh permanent washable filter
  • All models include (1) CT “doughnut”
  • Simple installation, mounting kit included
  • Listed for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Can be easily wall-hung
  • 20-year finned rod element warranty
  • 2-year parts warranty
  • Made in the USA

Electro’s Industry Exclusive Features of 5-22 kW Models:

Electro’s unique control adapts to multi-speed range hoods or multiple fan applications:

  • Multiple Fan Speed Output – Low, Medium, and High fan speed output to match multi-speed range hoods.
  • Multiple Control Input Options – Three current transformer (CT) inputs allow for multiple fan applications.  CT inputs will also provide variable blower speeds to more closely match multi-speed exhaust fans.  Activation can also be as simple as an end switch or contact closure.
  • LCD Display – Interactive display used for multiple fan speed calibration and real time estimated CFM output.  Also displays desired target temperature as well as incoming and supply air temperatures.

Electro’s Features of 1-2 kW Models:

  • Variable Fan Speed Output – Easy to adjust fan speed knob allows for precise CFM output.
  • 120VAC Power Connection – Plug-in cord allows for simple power connection.
  • Control Input Options – Activated through a basic end switch connection, thermostat, or current sensing relay.

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