Parker Remote View and Lead Lag System Controller

| February 12, 2016

Parker Remote ViewThe Parker Boiler Remote View (PV‐7) is a remote terminal and webserver that allows the remote viewing and control of properly equipped Parker Boilers and auxiliary equipment. The 7″ touch screen can be located up to 1000′ from the boiler and connected with a single pair wire.

In addition the device can be connected to the local network for viewing from any connected computer with a standard web browser. With the proper connection, the boiler and system can be viewed from anywhere via the Internet. A Parker Gateway can be incorporated to allow the building BAS to communicate with Parker Remote View (PV‐7, PV‐LL).The Remote View is a perfect solution for small buildings and industrial facilities etc. where a full building automation system is not available or desired, but control and status of systems is desired.

The Remote View is custom designed for the job and may have many screens that show operational parameters of the boiler and allow control of the setpoint temperature (including outside air reset) and auxiliary equipment. The remote view is self‐contained; no additional hardware or software is required. If Lead lag from the Parker View is required the PV‐LL is used. With PV‐LL control system set point is monitored and controlled, boilers are staged and modulated to meet load requirements. Pump control is also provided.

Typical Screens: Burner and light off indication, temperature control, inlet and outlet temperature, firing rate, outside air setback switch, pump status, etc.

Status Screen: displays all safety sensors, limits and levels, and their status; similar to pilot lights on the boiler control panel.

Alarm History Screen: displays the last five alerts and lockouts and a cycle count of the boiler operation.

Scheduler: allows a boiler on‐off schedule to be set up on a weekly basis.

Temperature Trend: this screen displays a chart of boiler temperature over time.

Auxiliary Control and monitoring of pumps, lights HVAC units etc. is also available. Depending on the boiler or boilers being monitored screen design may change.

Lead Lag System Control: When multiple boilers with SOLA are present Parker View Lead Lag (PV‐LL) can provide system lead lag control.

Specifications: PV‐7

  • Password protection
  • Internal battery backup, 2000mAH
  • 7” TFT display and touchscreen, 260K Color
  • 10/100M Ethernet Port (wireless option)
  • Modbus RTU port (connects to Parker Boiler) or discrete wired

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