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| May 8, 2015

ParkerView ‐ AlarmParkerView ‐ Alarm (PV‐A) is a simple to setup, use, and maintain cellular based alarming system for use on boilers or other devices.

It allows the owner or operator of the boiler or other device to be off site and be alerted when an alarm condition is detected, cleared or when there is a power loss.

When an alarm condition is detected PV‐A will text up to 3 phone numbers to indicate there is a problem.

If the alarm is cleared an additional text is sent to let an offsite owner or operator to know.

PV‐A is standardly provided in a 12x12x4 plastic weather proofed Nema 1 enclosure to improve cellular transmission. It can be mounted indoors or outdoors and requires a 115V/60Hz/1Ph power source. It contains a UL Listed power supply and a Verizon Network certified cellular modem.

ParkerView ‐ Alarm

Options exist for a remote antenna for those basement boiler rooms.

PV‐A can be purchased as a standalone device and installed in the field by others or it can be provided mounted on a new boiler.

The system can monitor two boilers or alarm points. Dry contacts on the boiler (or other device) are required, these dry contacts should close when an alarm is present.

ParkerView‐ AlarmThis device could allow a boiler service company to know of a boiler problem before the customer is even aware of a down boiler.

When the PV‐ Alarm is purchased it is required that a low cost one year cellular plan also be purchased. This plan can be initially purchased thru Parker or a third party. Subsequent years must be purchased from the third party.

Once installed it takes under 3 minutes to setup the cellular text list and custom names. It will operate with no maintenance for years and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

PV‐A is part of Parker Boilers BMS solutions which include an array of communications products designed to meet customer demands.


  1. Remote Antenna
  2. 24Vac Version


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