ParkerView Lite and ParkerView Modbus

| May 19, 2015

ParkerView Lite (PV‐Lite) and ParkerView Modbus (PV‐Mod) are cellular based Boiler Control and Monitoring Systems custom designed for each application that allow owners and operators to be offsite yet know their boiler system is ready to provide heat for their building or industrial process. System Status can be viewed on a web dash board at anytime from anywhere. Operations of plating plants or other facilities can schedule startups and shutdowns which can save energy and insure the plant is ready when production is started.

ParkerView Lite and ParkerView ModbusOffsite owners or operators can gain a high degree of confidence in knowing their facility is ready to go, when heat is needed.

When an alarm condition is detected PV‐Lite or PV‐Mod will send a text or email to indicate there is a problem.

The devices are standardly provided in a 12x12x4 plastic weather proofed Nema 1 enclosure to improve cellular transmission. They can be mounted indoors or outdoors and require a 115V/60Hz/1Ph power source. They contain a UL Listed power supply and a Verizon Network certified cellular modem.

Options exist for a remote antenna for those basement boiler rooms.

PV‐Lite and PV‐Mod can be purchased as standalone devices and installed in the field by others or they can be provided mounted on a new boiler.

When they are purchased it is required that a low cost one year cellular plan also be purchased. This plan can be initially purchased thru Parker or a third party. Subsequent years must be purchased from the third party.

ParkerView Lite and ParkerView Modbus


ParkerView Lite:

ParkerView Lite is a web based easy to use control and monitoring system for boiler systems or other mechanical devices.

A webpage is established which monitors and displays up to four (4) inputs, pressure, temperature, alarm, etc. (dry contacts, 0‐10VDC or 4‐20mA). Two outputs are available to turn on and off boilers/pumps/or other devices.

All data can be viewed online on a web dashboard. The system via the cellular network monitors and trends the data providing six (6) months of data storage.

Should a data point reach an alarm status, text and email messages will be sent to the appropriate personnel to alert them of a problem.

ParkerView Modbus:

ParkerView Modbus has all of the features of ParkerView Lite with the addition of a Modbus connection to the boiler(s), pumps, etc.

PV‐Modbus will connect to the appropriately appointed boiler(s) with Sola, Siemens LMV, Siemens RWF, and Honeywell S7800 controls.

At this level not only will the basic temperature, pressure and alarm data be available, but many boiler operational and alarm parameters can be viewed online.

Data trending is provided with twelve (12) months of data storage.

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