Petersen® Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion Systems

| March 29, 2017

Time and cost can be reduced considerably by using a Petersen® Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion System to stop the flow in pressurized pipelines. There are basically two systems for plug insertion through a hot tap. Contact Petersen to discuss how this system may be adapted to your project.

The 128-Series Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion System uses the 128-Series Multi-Flex™ Plugs and requires and directs the Plug down stream from the tap. The hot tap may also be used as a by-pass or for purging up stream of the Plug. The tap hole is smaller than for the 129-Series system, the head pressures that may be stopped somewhat lower, and the launch cylinder a little longer. General 128-Series system instructions are available to be adapted for your project.

The 129-Series Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion System uses the 129-Series Multi-Flex™ Plug and can be customized for higher pressures than the 128-Series system. This Plug inserts a little easier since the Plug is inflated just below the hot tap. The 129-Series system requires a larger tap hole, but can be inserted with a shorter launch cylinder. The 129-Series Plug may also be installed through a riser with an end inflation port when the plug is installed down stream of the riser. General 129-Series system instructions are available to be adapted for your project.

Compact Plug Diameter Allows Insertion Through Small Hot (Live) Tap

Launch cylinder with inflation ram and packing seal (gland) allows insertion of Petersen® Plugs into pressurized pipeline.

Typically used for plugging of pipelines through a hot tap in the side of the pipe or through a valve on the end of a pipe. A variety of Petersen® Multi-Flex™ Plugs are available for most chemical, pressure, and temperature requirements. A 36″ Plug as an example may be installed through a 10″ tap with the pipeline pressurized.

Pipe Plug Insertion System

The Launch Cylinder and Inflation Ram is used for positioning and inflating the plug. Configurations are available to allow removal of the Launch Cylinder and Inflation Ram after inflation.

Launch Cylinder

The plug may be inserted into the Launch Cylinder before or after it is attached to a tapping valve.

Packing Seal (Gland)

The packing seal (gland) provides a seal that allows the inflation ram to push the plug into position.

Inflation Ram

The plug is pushed into position with the Inflation Ram after opening the valve and equalizing the pressure in the Launch Cylinder. A rotating elbow on the end of the Ram allows the plug to navigate the bend. Very large plugs may require a winch to pull the handle and plug into position.

Directional Shoe and Bow Stiffener

The Directional Shoe accessory on the plug helps guide the plug in the desired direction into the pipeline. There is also an internal Bow Stiffener to act as a spring bending the plug into the pipeline.

Rotating Elbow

The Rotating Elbow provides a flexible connection between the inflation ram and plug.

**Inflatable Plug Warning: Maximum head pressures that a pipe plug may restrain can only be estimated. Slippage is influenced by many factors including fluid in the pipe, coefficient of pipeline friction, pressure required to inflate the plug, and accuracy of pressure gauges. Generally, a Multi-Flex™ Inflatable Plug inserted fully into pipeline will begin slipping between 50% and 80% of the inflation pressure if it has an inflated pipe contact length of 1 Ω to 2 times the diameter, but even a head pressure of 50% of the inflation pressure may cause slippage with some liquids. The inflation pressure is also subject to temperature change and debris or protrusions in the pipeline that could rupture the plug. The inflation pressure should be monitored and plugs anchored and/or mechanically blocked when slippage could cause property damage or injury. NEVER use a test pressure greater than the capacity of the weakest pipe or component in the system. NEVER use an inflatable plug when its failure could cause injury.

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