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| February 15, 2015

Petersen Products

Petersen Products makes pipeline plugging systems that withstand high pressure, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

The Petersen Products team of mechanical engineers develops highly technical custom plugging systems. The company’s specialty is mechanical and inflatable plugs developed to solve difficult pipeline plugging requirements. Petersen products have been used internationally in mines, dams, plants and sewer lines for extreme size, pressure, temperature and chemical specifications. Some can withstand hundreds of tons of pressure; others hundreds of degrees of heat. Still others will resist all kinds of corrosives. The largest plug the company has made is 21 feet in diameter installed under 450 meters of water with remote operated equipment; the smallest is one-quarter of an inch.

Case Studies
Mine flooding remediation – The Cigar Lake Mine, located in Saskatchewan, Canada, sits on the world’s largest undeveloped high-grade uranium deposit in the world. Operated by Cameco Corp., Cigar Lake is expected to eventually provide more than 10 percent of the world’s mined uranium. The main ore body is 1,500 feet beneath the surface. In 2008, flooding of the mine stopped work completely. Cameco had to create a barrier that would completely seal off the area of inflow, so the company used a complex method that relied on a custom-made, inflatable tunnel seal from Petersen Products using remotely operated vehicles.

Plugging active pipes – Power plants, chemical plants, refineries and other factories use piping for fuel, chemical transport and water supply that are subject to high temperatures and pressures. Piping needs regular maintenance, repair and rerouting, but must be done without shutting down entire lines. Major pipeline contractors often deploy Petersen Plugs and Hot Tap Insertion Systems to provide piping services to petroleum, gas, pipeline and industrial customers. The products are inserted into an active pipe and inflated with a gas or liquid to block the flow during repair or even abandonment.

High-pressure plugs – A Petersen plugging system was used to block an extremely high-pressure corroded and leaking water, caustic and catalyst line in a refinery in Baton Rouge, La. Under very tight conditions preventing the use of other line stop systems. Petersen designed and built the plugs using ballistic nylon made impermeable and corrosion-resistant with ethylene propylene diene monomer. The project completed quickly and successfully.

Century of Business
Petersen Products was issued its first patent in 1916. Since then, the company has focused on specialty equipment for the pipeline and wastewater industries with patented products and processes, seeing future growth with inflatable tunnel seals, which can isolate liquids or gases. In railroad and vehicle tunnels Petersen seals are ideal to block toxic fumes and smoke from escaping. Petersen is not a high-production shop. Rather, they are more of a solutions resource, ”We’re inventors,” CEO Phil Lundman says, ”and a lot of creative engineering goes into what we do.”

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