Plaster “J-Bead” Framed Linear Bar Grille

| May 25, 2015

Artistry in Architectural Grilles
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by Advanced Arch Grilles
Plaster JBead Frame

Introducing the Plaster “J-Bead” Framed Linear Bar Grille
exclusively by Artistry in Architectural Grilles

The J-Bead, also known in the industry as a “mud grille”, provides a flush, borderless installation for plaster and drywall applications on walls and ceilings. It is quickly secured via the outer flange by screwing or nailing through the pre-drilled holes. After fastening the J-Bead design, the flange is covered with a skim coat of plaster providing your customer with a seamless wall or ceiling installation.

This custom fabricated linear bar grille is available in aluminum, stainless steel & bronze in a wide range of finishes. The core can be fixed (welded to the frame), or removable, with mechanical fasteners for access to damper controls.

Available in all materials & finishes

What our customers are saying:

“Easy to install.”

“Great looking.”

“We spend much less time cutting and measuring openings.”

Seemingly simple   Simply seamless

Plaster JBead Frame

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