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| January 15, 2016

For over 20 years Prihoda S.R.O. has been providing engineered fabric ducting and air distribution solutions to commercial and industrial HVAC applications around the world. Their North American partner, Prihoda North America and its network of representatives provide design, selection and sales support for clients in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

“We manufacture air distribution devices and systems derived from polyester as an alternative to the traditional metal ducting and diffusers,” explains Andrew Sorenson, President and CEO of Prihoda N.A. “Our systems are generally exposed to the space where they are installed which means they serve as both air distribution systems and architectural components.”

Prihoda HVAC air ducts and diffusers are available in virtually any color, can be stenciled with logos or text and are engineered with a variety of distribution options to optimize air dispersion efficiency and maximize occupant comfort in any type of space.

Fabric ducting in general is extremely cost-effective; offering substantial savings compared to metal due to lower materials cost and much faster, simpler installation. Prihoda’s innovations—from microperforations to optimize air distribution and simultaneously cut inventory costs to its adjustable nozzles and fabric pocket deflectors for precision control of air dispersion—extend the savings of traditional fabric duct; saving as much as 75% compared to traditional metal systems.

SquAireTex SwirlAchieving the optimum balance between the competing priorities of system efficiency, occupant comfort, and aesthetic appeal has been a problem for many fabric duct manufacturers due to a lack of comprehensive design software. Prihoda’s Air Tailor™ design software solves this problem. “Air Tailor™ is unlike anything else in the industry,” explains Sorenson. “The software gives us the ability to fine-tune every aspect of a distribution system. It lets us graphically review distribution profiles for both velocity and temperature. We can see, and avoid, potential problems associated with velocity and pressure changes based on the fittings and direction changes of the duct layout. It’s even capable of evaluating the noise level of duct systems. And while all that is happening, the system is simultaneously building CAD and BIM files along with shop drawings for production. What Air Tailor™ is capable of and the confidence it gives us in our system designs is really extraordinary.”

In 2013, Prihoda partnered with the Repreve division of global fiber manufacturer Unifi to offer the industry’s only UL/ULC listed sustainable duct and diffuser systems made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Prihoda Recycled products were then evaluated by the independent verification organization, SCS Global with a full Life Cycle Analysis resulting in the issuance of an Environmental Product Declaration. Prihoda’s investment in this process means that Prihoda Recycled products are eligible for contribution to Materials & Resources credits in LEED v4.

Honorable Mention in the Ventilation Category of the AHR 2016 competitionPrihoda’s latest innovation expands the benefits of fabric duct—light weight, easy installation and maintenance, and engineered air distribution–to suspended ceiling applications. SquAireTex™ diffusers, which were awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2016 AHR Innovation Awards, are made from ultra-lightweight aluminum frames and UL/ULC listed polyester fabrics (including Prihoda Recycled). Their light weight eliminates the need for independent suspension and their engineered distribution options—high-induction SquAireTex™ swirl, for increased comfort; uni-directional and bi-directional SquAireTex™ flow; and the laminar flow SquAireTex™ perfo—allow for optimum distribution in any application.

Prihoda’s innovative products, powerful design software, and solutions focus evolve the old notion of the “cheap duct sock” into cost-effective, engineered air dispersion systems. Learn more at or contact

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