Tap into your customers’ emotions to drive sales

| March 10, 2017

One thing all successful salespeople have in common is an understanding of the way their customers think. Knowing what target consumers want is important because if a salesperson doesn’t, he or she may say something that will turn a customer away from making a purchase.

Everyone is different in terms of what they value, how they process information and how they make decisions. But no matter how varied your customers might be in these respects, they all have one thing in common. People are largely driven by emotions, which play a significant role in most decisions.

Emotion-based decisions
Inc. Magazine pointed out that even in cases when a consumer believes he or she is basing a choice on sound information, emotions are typically the key driver in the ultimate decision. Knowing what emotion you’re tapping into with the information you present is crucial. You could be tapping into a positive feeling, like excitement or pride, that will help you make a sale. But, with the wrong presentation or information, you could awaken feelings of stress or fear.

Pro Remodeler explained that when homeowners decide to upgrade their home, the emotion that is usually driving them is desire. This could be the desire for enjoyment from the improvement, for increased profit when the home is sold, for a sense of pride, for a more fashionable home or simply for confidence that the improvement will go smoothly.

Knowing how your customers think and what will awaken certain emotions during the sales process is crucial for a salesperson. Doing research on your target audience is the best way to prepare for this. Find out what the average home improvement spend amount is in your area, as well as common upgrades to homes. Learn about how old the typical home is, as this will clue you into what kinds of upgrades local homes might need. Additionally, find out some financial information about people in your area, such as average income level.

Learn about customer concerns
Oftentimes, various desires will reign supreme, even in the face of a hefty price tag. However, some consumers may quickly realize they don’t have the funds to purchase those things they desire most, even if they are necessary for the functionality of their home, like a new HVAC system. In these times, your customers may find themselves with a savings account that just isn’t full enough to get those energy-efficient windows, or another upgrade they want to add to their home.

Or, your customers may embark down the complicated path of applying for loans with a bank, which can be a time-consuming, frustrating process that may not lead to a good financing strategy after all.

It’s important to tap into your consumers’ desires and understand what they are feeling when they think about making the purchase. If they are feeling concerned about their financial stability, it’s helpful to be able to soothe their concerns.

Having a financial program ready for your customers will help you close tougher sales, but it’s crucial that you know how to bring it up. Many customers won’t ask about financing outright, and some may get offended if you offer it too blatantly. You will need to learn how to strike a balance between bringing it to their attention and being too blunt.

By offering financing programs to help them make the purchases they need or simply want, you will be able to not only help them overcome their concerns, but also encourage them to make even more upgrades or extend the scope of their home improvement project. Once your customers know they can get help paying for the upgrades, they may realize there are additional purchases they want for their home that they hadn’t considered previously.

To learn about how you can ease your customers’ monetary worries with a financing program, reach out to Aqua Finance.

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