The Cranky Portable Winch System

| May 11, 2015

Almost everyone that has ever used an extension ladder, roof hatch or permanently mounted vertical ladder has some type of “scary” story to tell. After years in the commercial heating and air conditioning business, climbing up and down many different types of ladders and hearing all of those stories, the inventor/developer of LadderPort™ decided to find a safer way for all construction trades to access roofs when using an extension ladder.

Cranky Portable Winch System – The easy, painless way to lift items to the roof!

  • Cranky Portable Winch easily and safely lifts 300 lbs. It handles the load so you don’t have to!
  • Cranky is collapsible, lightweight and easily transportable making it easy to take from job to job.
  • The boom expands approximately 32″ when using over the side of a building keeping the load away from the building. The handle expands approximately 12″ so you don’t have to lean over the side.
  • Eliminate the cost of a crane or second technician making your job more cost competitive.
  • Cranky Portable Winch slips on & off a Permanently Building Mount Post for easy lifting over the side of building – no more my aching back
  • When used with the Port-A-Post, the Cranky can lift items through the roof hatch.  A back pulley centers the load allowing the load to easily fit through the roof hatch so you don’t have struggle to keep it centered.
  • Hand brake stops the load if you let go keeping the load from tumbling down.
Cranky Portable Winch Cranky Portable Winch LadderPort
Cranky Portable Winch LadderPort Cranky Portable Winch

Ladder PortLadderPort
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