Trilogy Plumbing, Inc. Uses JG Fittings

| December 18, 2017

JG ProLockTrilogy Plumbing, Inc., headquartered in Anaheim, CA, is a leading plumbing contractor specializing in new construction. Dedicated to designing and building high quality plumbing systems for residential and commercial homes, Trilogy takes pride in their commitment to deliver quality assurance and results for their customers. Therefore, it is no surprise that they’ve developed an established reputation among many construction companies they have worked with when building these homes.

After learning about the benefits of both JG ProLock and JG Speedfit, Rich Langenwalter, Vice President at Trilogy, expressed great interest in the products. As a result, Trilogy chose to install JG fittings in the construction of their first multi-million dollar custom home. He enjoyed the fact that no tools were required to make lead-proof connections and allowed for quicker installs. According to Langenwalter’s opinion on ProLock, “this is a high end fitting which I want to use on our high end custom home.”

Consequently, after installing and testing JG ProLock in the home, Trilogy was extremely pleased with the results. Both the project manager and crew loved using JG products due to the ease of use and quick connection. Varying sizes of the ProLock coupler, elbow, tee, reducing tee, reducer, and brass fittings were all used in the plumbing installation and passed inspection on the first try after completed construction. Langenwalter was so impressed with the outcome that he immediately requested all part numbers used in the project so his future projects incorporate John Guest fittings.

Up to 200 fittings can be used in a custom home while a one bedroom apartment may have about 25 to 30 fittings. With Trilogy as a leading plumbing contractor in Southern California, many contractors could potentially follow their lead. John Guest ultimately provided Trilogy with the quality results they were looking for and gave them the satisfaction and trust to use JG fittings in future projects.

John Guest JG ProLockAbout John Guest USA 

John Guest has been on the cutting edge of the polymer fitting industry for over 50 years. Its polymer fittings and filtration technology are used by many reputable brands worldwide. For more information about John Guest, visit For more about ProLock, including a free sample coupler, visit

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