Triple+ CLM™ Cloud-based Water and Gas Leak Management Platform

| September 8, 2016

Triple+ CLM™ is the ultimate, cloud-based, mobile device-managed, IoT – compatible, fully certified and most affordable system in the world with regards to the prevention of Water and Gas leak damage. Water and Gas leakage in buildings stems from wear and tear, frozen pipes, overflow and careless administration. Billions are spent annually in fixing plumbing leakage damages, not to mention the wastage of Water and Gas and the physical injury.

Triple+ CLMTM line of products includes innovative battery operated and wireless flood and gas leak detectors, repeaters, HUB, and shut-off technologies that enable the automated control of water and gas valves, all unified under the Smart Home umbrella and designed to avert water flooding, gas leakage and subsequent damages, injury and financial losses. The Triple+ CLM™ HUB serves as a Secure Gateway that ensures a secure communication between the listed smart home appliances and our proprietary cloud and mobile application.

Triple+ CLM™ easily integrates into the Smart Home IoT ecosystem, providing a unique cloud-based secure platform for Water and Gas Leak Management.

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