Westman House to 3rd Clean out

| September 24, 2018

I think that you’ll agree that the two biggest complaints regarding Sewer Camera ownership, is downtime and expensive repair costs. If you are like thousands of plumbers I’ve spoken to, you are in total agreement, but owning a camera is a must for finding problems, as well as increasing your bottom line exponentially.

11 years ago, EasyCAM designed a camera using all modular components. Our design allows the operator of the camera to do his own repairs. The repairs are easy and can be done with simple hand tools, in a just minutes. This is because all of the components are virtually “Plug and Play.” We feel it is so unfair that a manufacturer of a sewer camera won’t ship a part to one of their customer’s who spent good money on their product. We actually teach our customer’s ways to use their camera at least three times daily. At $299 each, every day your camera is not working, you’re losing $1000 a day.

Expensive repairs bills, shipping your equipment back to the manufacturer, and 3-5 week down-times are a thing of the past. The overall cost of EasyCAM is much lower than comparable cameras, because you save thousands in future repair and shipping bills. Not to mention our overall price is thousands less than our competitors. Consider making your next camera purchase with EasyCAM. You will find it will be the best Sewer Camera decision you’ve ever made!

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