Wrl Water to Water Heat Pumps and Chillers 15 to 27 tons

| March 30, 2017

WRL is the range of water cooled chillers operating with refrigerant R410A. They are internal units with hermetic scroll compressors that respond perfectly to the market requirements: small dimensions, ease of installation, low noise.

  • High Efficiencies
  • Possibility of Having: Partial Heat Recovery Production of Hot Water up to 55 °C
  • Suitable for Geothermal Applications

High Efficiency

Aermec has designed these units to optimize heat pump operation, providing high performances and low energy consumption.


The electric and hydraulic connections are all located on the upper part of the unit facilitating installation and maintenance. This allows reduced plant room space and installation in the smallest space possible.


The WRL units are designed for their silence in operation. Careful soundproofing of the unit with suitable sound-absorbent material results in low sound levels for all units.

Dynamic set point

Using the latest generation of electronic controller and with an external air temperature sensor (accessory), the heat pump unit can vary the leaving water temperature based on climatic conditions, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the system.


Using the latest innovative technology and focus on maximum quality gives the WRL series the maximum energy efficiency, ease of installation, and most versatile application using renewable energy sources.

Technical features

  • Structure and base in hot dip galvanized sheet steel with epoxy paint finish (RAL 9002).
  • Generously sized plate heat exchangers.
  • Compressors with high performance and low electrical input.
  • Flow switch as standard.
  • Conforms with Safety Directives (CE) and the standards regarding electromagnetic compatibility. The safety of the unit is provided by the door inter-locked isolator and active protection of the main components.
  • Externally mounted user interface with display of all operating parameters in 4 languages.
  • Latest generation of electronic controller.
  • User-friendly remote mounted control panel with alarm notification.


  • AER485P1: RS-485 interface for supervising systems with MODBUS protocol.
  • VT: Anti-vibration mounts to be assembled under the unit’s sheet steel base.
  • PGD1: Simplified remote panel. Allows to perform the basic controls of the unit with alarm signals. Can be controlled from a max of 500 m with 2 PAIRS of TWISTED cable + SHIELD with shielded pairs and TCONN6J000.

WRL Data Sheet
WRL-H Data Sheet
WRL Pump Technical Manual
WRL-H Technical Manual
WRL/WRL-H Installation Manual

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